Monday, 18 June 2012

Review: Demon Knights #10 - The return of Arthur and Camelot

Issue 10 of Demon Knights sees the errant band of monsters, immortals and witches' continue their trek to return Merlin to life in Paul Cornell's latest installment of DC's medievel Justice League (or injustice league might be a bit more accurate).

Having been entrusted by the princesses of Alba Sarum to resurrect Merlin in the last issue, the Knights continue that charge, beginning where the last issue ended; facing off against a pirate sea monster (yes, that is really what it is). Once disposing of that threat, they continue their mission and find that something is a little bit amiss in the land that once held the great city of Camelot.

I could sing the praises of Paul Cornell until I'm blue in the face. I love his work and the very British humour he instills in it. However, this issue is a little bit of an off issue, which is unfortunate because there isn't actually anything wrong with it. The book continues to read as well as it normally does, with the humour still very apparent and the characters still sounding like they should, and the artby Diogenes Neves is still top notch. However, the problem with this issue is there is very little story progression. The majority of the story just seems to fly by, focusing on their travelling from one place to another with very little movement (forgive the pun). Also, the Etrigan betrayal plot thread, introduce toward the end of the last issue, is completely sidelined here, leaving it hanging in the air.

Despite it's very limited story progression, the cliffhanger ending does make up somewhat and makes the book an intriguing prospect for issue 11. While this is by no means the best issue of any book I've read, I've also read a lot worse. I'd definitely be back for the next issue, deep in hope that the the outstanding plot lines will be tied up.

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