Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review: Worlds' Finest #2 - Not at their finest

After a promising start in the first issue, Worlds' Finest #2 has really damaged my optimism in the series with a terribly poor issue which I struggled to follow. Continuing from issue 1, issue 2 sees our heroines taking on the might of Hakkou, who has attacked Power Girls' labratory and may possibly have a link to their home and be the key as to how they make it back.
Sadly, despite the attempt to make this story action packed, there is very little that actually kept my interest within this issue. Levitz, who I felt had done so well with these characters in issue 1, has presented a story here which feels incredibly wooden and disjointed on top of its dullness and, despite the big fight scenes exhibits little to no story progression. This isn't helped by the art, as George Perez and Kevin Maguire, while both great artists in their own rights, have very little in common with with their styles. This results in the panels set in the past (drawn by Maguire) and the sections in the present (drawn by Perez) complete polar opposites and causes the story to not fully mesh.
After issue 1, I was certain that this book would exceed sister book Earth 2 in my expectations and preferences to become my number 1 DC book. After reading this issue, however, I'm struggling to believe if this one will be my last choice DC book next month.

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