Monday, 11 June 2012

Review: Earth 2 - Heroes start appearing

After the introductory issue 1 last month bringing us the backstory of this world, here begins the look into the main heroes which will undoubtedly make up the Justice Society of Earth Two.
The issue begins where the recently cancelled Mr Terrific series ended, with Michael Holt falling out of his wormhole into the streets of this new Earth, where he immediately runs into another old DC character Terry Sloan. The book then focuses primarily on the birth of the Earth 2 Flash, as Jay Garrick receives, and subsequently gets to grips with, his powers.
I liked issue 1 and, despite it's problems, thought it might be worth a second look and how my reasoning has paid off. Earth 2 #2 is so much fun to read. James Robinson has written an enjoyable and engrossing tale which, as described by the prior issue, certainly does have an incredibly epic feel. This feeling of epicness is further compounded by the art. I've never seen Nicola Scott's work before but I now wished I had. With it's vibrant look, I feel it's the perfect style for this title. Even her take on the Flash's outfit works and makes me feel like while the outfit is new, it follows the traditional outfit.
With the end of the issue leaving a cliffhanger which will undoubtedly reveal the new origin of the original Green Lantern, this book has made it to the top of my buy pile and I just can't wait for the beginning of next month and #3.

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