Sunday, 10 June 2012

Review: Action Comics #10 - The end of Clark Kent??

When it came time to writing this I found that I had encountered something which was completely unexpected, that after nine issues I couldn't get on board with, Action Comics #10 was actually pretty good.
Returning to the the "true" Superman (if there is such a thing after a massive reboot) from last issues' foray to Earth 23, we see Clark Kent continue his mission to fight for the little man, although showing signs of suffering from something we are not aware of. Meanwhile, he is being hunted by one Maxim Zarov, also known as Nimrod the Hunter.
I don't get why this issue is any better then preceding issues, mainly due to the fact that it runs along the same lines. However, I really found this issue much more engrossing then previous stories. This may be due to Morrison's decision to present the story more from Nimrod's point of view while tracking the man of Steel certainly may have been part of it, along with showing Clark handling of some sort of inner turmoil (which, in my opinion, makes the character more relatable) and an incredibly poignant back up story detailing a wake of after losing a Daily Planet reported. However, what made this book better, were the questions left unanswered, such why isn't Clark wearing the suit he acquired in the previous arc and who exactly is that little guy in glasses who keeps cropping up?
Furthermore, the big draw of this book from an artistic standpoint was Rags Morales' Justice League. Now, Morales' art in this book is always top-notch and we've seen the league drawn by him in the past (I'm talking Identity Crisis), but Morales portrays them in such a elegant way that it makes you wish he was on the JL book full time.
As I was picking up my buy pile this week I pondered to the shop owner why I buy this book, and he answered "because it's Action comics. Doesn't matter if it's bad you have to have it". This issue changes my perception on this and makes me more confident that I'll be picking up this book next month for a reason other than "because it's action comics.

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