Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: Dark Avengers #176 - I SO didn't see that coming!!

Dark Avengers #176 takes a step back from the new line up to return focus on that last remaining plot thread; whatever happened to the Thunderbolts?

That question is answered in this issue with the 'Bolts, still jumping through time in their time machine tower, find themselves at the dawn of time. They discover early Mankind, giant sharks.... and a fellow time traveller waiting to be eaten by said sharks. Our merry band of villains save this poor soul before going even further back to see the return of one of their own, before an incredible twist shows itself and threatens their trip home.
I had said previously that this was the same book with a different name, but I was wrong: This issue proved that Jeff Parker has written something infinitely better than I gave it credit for. I won't lie that the issue was a tiny bit underwhelming, and the scientific exposition made things slightly confusing, but all of this can be forgiven once you reach the end and find that the team have rescued.....Dr Doom!!! This is what has made this issue so amazing and that Jeff Parker can take a seemingly forgotten plot point from an old story arc of a different series and then just run with it just shows how much of a truly terrific writer he is. I still remember the Fantastic Four story that included that scene (During the Millar/Hitch run, though there is a caption explaining which issue), so seeing this is just pure fanboy heaven for me.
I was a little concerned when they announced the name change that this books quality would dip (so much so that I considered dropping it). But how wrong have I been proven and how glad I am of it. This book has continued to prove itself a terribly underrated book which deserves a greater fanbase than it has. Here's hoping this new name will change that.

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