Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review: Uncanny X-Force #26 - The beginning of the end?

Issue 26 of Uncanny X-Force sees everyone's favourite team of assassins have the living crap beaten out of them as Rick Remender continues their story in the aftermath of the Dark Angel Saga.

This issue, Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler are torn apart (both literally as well as figuratively) by the Omega Clan while attempting to rescue Deadpool from his recent mission. Meanwhile, recent former members Psylocke and Fantomex have their own dilemma's to face after quitting the team, as they are both attacked by assassins of their own, as the teams mystery villian makes plans to bring their past exploits out into the publie spotlight.

After struggling to get to grips with the last issue (and, mostly due to the art, the last story arc), this book picks up the pace a little bit with each character finding themselves at the business end of an attack specifically designed for them personally. Remender, continues to show his skill for long term planning of epic story lines as he begins sowing the seeds for his follow up to last year's the Dark Angel Saga. As always, he writes each protaganist as if they are the hero, with four of the five main cast voicing the worries, fears and troubles throughout this issue. His portrayal of Psylocke continues to impress; how much abuse can that girl take? And the Arrested Development homage from Deadpool continues to prove that Remender's portrayal of the Merc with a Mouth is still the best around. If there is one stumbling block with this issue (and it's a minor "one" at that) it's Phil Noto's art, which while beautiful in it's own right, does have a hint of inconsistancy for a couple of pages early on, although this does pass. regardless, it is a little bit jarring.

After the debacle that was "Otherworld" (I still can't get what the hell I'm looking at with that story), it's nice to see Uncanny X-Force returning to form. While it isn't as fantastic as the Dark Angel saga (Yep, Remender gave himself to high a bar to meet I think), it certainly feels like it's leading up to something that might be equally as epic.

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