Sunday, 10 June 2012

Review: Dark Avengers #175 - A New name for a new team (but the same book)

And so it's all change for the Thunderbolts crew. After the last issue seemingly ending the T-bolts adventure through time, the powers that be (well, the Marvel editors) have changed the cast and the title to go with it, giving us.... The DARK AVENGERS!!!
The story begins with something of a cold open of a monster attacking a group of soldiers, which doesn't (yet) seem to have any relevance to the story, before then returning to the main cast, where Luke Cage is still tracking the old thunderbolts before being presented with the "new" Dark Avengers as the replacements.
The main problem with this book is simply the fact that I still don't get why the title was changed from Thunderbolts to Dark Avengers? Despite the different title and different characters, this book still has the same feel. However, this is not a major issue as this book, like the Thunderbolts before it, is still an incredibly fun book to read. Jeff Parker has got these characters down in no time and knows how to maintain a good pace of the story. Also, Parker is an expert when writing Luke Cage because Cage is the king of cool during this issue, able to out-fight and even out-think the Dark Avengers and their bosses. As well as Parker, this book also has Declan Shalvey. Shalvey's work continues to be top-notch, showing a style which, while very different from anyone else, continues to fight this title (or rather, the one before it) perfectly.
Upon hearing this book was being renamed, I considered dropping it, feeling the story threads would be all tied up. How wrong I have been proven as Parker has taken exisitng threads and continues to roll with them while putting more into the mix. With two issues due this month, I am ashamed to have considered letting this book go and instead look forward to the next issue.

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